We have met some of the most wonderful people during our 6 years of business - literally, DREAM clients! They have trusted us throughout the process and because of that we were able to give them the #badassbrows they were hoping for. Many clients have referred their friends, family members, and colleagues to us - that's how highly they thought of our work!!! Reading our clients' reviews, kind words, and praise is completely unreal, but here we are. Thank you for everything - without you all, ARCHED would not be what it is today. 

High five to better no-makeup days thanks to Ali and her amazing skills! Run, don't walk to get your brows done with Ali!

I love that she asks you to come in with your makeup as usual so she can gain a sense of what you're used to; this makes 1000% sense! She is very detail oriented and patient while she maps the brows out; and the entire procedure is relatively quick and easy. It really helps that she has the great energy and is so easy to connect with; she just feels authentic.

The healing process was really easy with her magic balm (I barely noticed flaking) and she keeps in touch and is super responsive to any questions you have afterwards.

Basically, if you have the budget and are thinking about getting microblading, just do it... and do it with Arched by Ali. You will NOT regret it!!

- BC Hovious

From start to finish, the ladies at ARCHED are amazing!

Beth greeted me with a hug the second I walked in, and made me comfortable and heard throughout the whole visit. My brows look amazing and natural.

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!

- Alecia W.

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Ali! She communicates clearly, makes it easy to book and get the info needed, produced the BEST result I could possibly imagine, and is just a fun person (with wonderful energy) to be around.

Oh, and the shop is gorgeous!

Truly happy with my brows and the entire experience surrounding them. Beyond worth the 3 hour drive from out of town!

- Ivey A.

Hands down amazing experience! Beth was so great at providing me reassurances and confidence. She put it simply, “tattooing your face is a big deal”. She put words to my fears and kept me informed during every step.

Her attention to deal was unmatched. She identified things I had not even considered when it came to balancing and framing my face. Thrilled with my results. She has a true talent and so happy to have found her.

- Kari M.

AMAZING! There aren’t enough words to describe my amazing results. Ali is a true artist and overachieved my expectations. Getting microbladed was a big decision that I did not take lightly.

I am so glad I trusted Ali with my eyebrows and would recommend her work a million times.

If you want nonstop compliments on your eyebrows, go to Arched by Ali.

- Lakeesha S.

100% recommend going here if you are looking for your dream brows! As a teen, I tweezed mine thin (against my mom’s advice) and now as an adult, they were too thin for my liking. Makeup always looked too fake, but the strokes done by Beth are beyond amazing and natural looking! My first session, I couldn’t even feel much at all, it felt like a good itch that the utensil was scratching. Beth and Ali are so incredibly sweet, funny, and amazing entertainers while you are in their chairs! I had Beth, and she is so good about calming the anxieties of the process. I will definitely be back to get bigger fluffs soon!

I feel like I could write so much more about the positive experience here, but you should just experience it yourself!

- Lyndsie T.

A coworker recommended Ali to my girlfriend and me. Ali’s work alone really speaks for itself. It was wonderful to find out for ourselves just how lovely she is as well. Her studio was very clean and comfortable. She was very friendly and easy to talk to during our appointment. Her post care advice was very thorough. She effortlessly answered any questions we had during the process.

Our experience was an easy 12/10. My girlfriend and I would recommend her to anyone. We absolutely love our results!

- Johnathon C.

I never wanted microblading until I saw the work done at Arched. Even then, I was cautiously optimistic - I am SO particular about my eyebrows that I wouldn’t even let the makeup artist at my wedding touch them. When I booked with Beth, I was super anxious, but she completely put me at ease. No - seriously - she is a SAINT. She basically talked me through every stroke to make sure it was exactly what I wanted, and the final outcome was fantastic. I fretted and agonized, and Beth didn’t pressure or rush me. She was gracious and got my brows exactly as I wanted. Her patience is the stuff of legend, and her talent is incredible. The “healing” process was a breeze - I went right back into work the minute Beth finished.

The ladies at Arched are so knowledgeable, but beyond that, they are kind. I really couldn’t recommend the studio more. If I could impress any one thing on someone who is on the fence, it’s that these artists want to give you the results YOU want, not what THEY want. Save yourself those few minutes every dang morning and go get your brows fixed, it’s so worth it.

- Nicole B.

I had been wanting to get microblading done for awhile, but was waiting until I found someone who I knew I could totally trust!! Ali is the one!

My brows look so natural and I get compliments everywhere I go! Not to mention my “get ready time” in the morning is cut down by skipping the step of filling in my brows, which I love 🙌🏼

The whole process was sanitary, and I felt super educated on how to take care of my brows during the healing process.

If you’ve been wanting to get your brows done, look no further!

- Leslie A.

I wasn't sure if I'd be a good candidate for microblading since my brows are already pretty full — but I always felt like something was "missing" so I made an appointment with Beth.

She is SO great! She reassured me that my brows would still look natural, but would get a little help where needed.

Beth is also fun, funny, interesting, and so easy to talk to - one of those people you feel like you've known forever. The salon is gorgeous, the owner Ali is so friendly - overall a really welcoming environment.

From someone who was a bit apprehensive about, I immediately LOVED my new brows! My face feels framed in a way it just didn't before. Honestly, I don’t know why I waited so long. I can't wait for my next touch up - I want to get a little more next time!

- Joanne W.